How to Build a Utility Wagon in 6 Easy Steps

by CericolaRachel on Nov 11, 2022

How to Build a Utility Wagon in 6 Easy Steps

Do you need a new way to transport your gear? Whether you're going on a camping trip or just need an easier way to haul groceries, a collapsible utility wagon can be the perfect solution.


These wagons are easy to build and can be customized to fit your needs. In this tutorial, we will show you how to build a collapsible utility wagon in 6 easy steps!

1. Start by measuring the dimensions of your collapsible utility wagon. To get started, you will need to gather your materials. For the collapsible utility wagon, you will need:

-1 piece of 3/4" plywood, cut to size

-4 collapsible beach wagon wheels

-1 folding wagon handles

-1 length of 2x4 lumber

-1 length of rope or twine

-sturdy fabric (canvas or denim work well)


-tools (saw, drill, screwdriver, etc.)

2. Cut four pieces of plywood to the appropriate size for your wagon's sides, front and back. Make sure that the edges are smooth so that they will fit together snugly.

3. Next, attach the sides of the wagon to the front and back using screws or nails.

4. Once the sides are attached, you can begin working on the roof. Cut two pieces of plywood to fit the top of your wagon, and then attach them using screws or nails.

5. To make your collapsible utility wagon even more sturdy, you can add a piece of plywood to the bottom. This will also help keep your belongings from sliding around inside the wagon.

6. Finally, add any finishing touches you desire, such as painting or stenciling. Then collapsible utility wagon is ready to be put to use!

If you think that making a cart is too complicated or you don't have time to make it, you can also buy one for about $100. A collapsible utility wagon that can be used for hauling gear to the beach, camping, or even around your backyard.

Now that you know how to build a collapsible beach wagon, you can easily take it with you on all of your adventures. Whether you're headed to the beach, the park, or just around the block, this wagon will make transporting your belongings a breeze. So get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

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