We founded CHILLCAMPING in 2015 with a single brick-and-mortar store. Since then, your enthusiasm has driven us to growth we never dreamed we’d achieve. Amid that success, we haven’t lost touch with our original vision: to help you discover the beauty and benefits of the great outdoors. From climbing Mount Everest to camping with the kids in your own backyard, outdoor activities put fresh air in your lungs and a blush in your cheeks. In our curated collection of premium outdoor products from premium brands, you will find everything you could need to bike, climb, hike, camp, hunt, fish, run, train, ski, snowboard, swim, or work your way to a healthier body and a happier life.

When we were choosing a location for our flagship store and East Coast warehouse, we asked ourselves, “for living and working on the East Coast, where is the coolest place to be?” We didn’t have to look far to realize that Wilmington, North Carolina was the obvious choice. With a rich historical past and convenient proximity to the ocean, Wilmington is an amazing spot with an endless number of places to get out and explore. So whether you decide to go paddle boarding, go for a run, or spend a day at the beach, we want to help you get equipped for whatever adventures await you in the great outdoors.

Chillcamping® was created with the purpose of taking the worry out of your outdoor experience. The products we sell are developed with a sharp focus on comfort and convenience, producing a user-friendly selection of furniture and equipment that allows you to concentrate on having fun and enjoying your time. We work hard to ensure that our gear is the last thing you need to be concerned about, whether you’re taking your family on a weekend camping trip or sitting right in your own backyard.

12 Months Quality Guarantee: All Chillcamping® products come with 1 year manufacturer's warranty. By the way, product defects caused by improper use by customers are not covered by the warranty.

Note: Please provide us with the order ID so that we can try our best to deal with the issue asap.

Chillcamping® offers 24h professional customer service. Any question about the product, please feel free to contact us.

Customer Service Email: xiexin@lanbo-tech.cn
CEO Email: junqiao@lanbo-tech.cn